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Well this is pretty cool. I was practically ‘given’ a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 yesterday.
I really didn’t think I was going to like it because it’s a 7″, and I’m used to my
iPad2. But, the more I’ve fiddled around with it, and added a couple of apps, the
more I like it.

I especially like this one app that gives me a devotional every day. It’s great to
wake up to the Word of God and a few minutes of prayer and praise time before
heading out to my day.

I also have a calendar for appointments, alarms, online banking, a couple of games,
and more.

Pretty cool. :)

Arby’s Turns 50!


Arby’s restaurant chain, home of the famous beef ‘n’ cheddar, Arby’s sauce, and more, will celebrate their 50th anniversary on June 24th.  Arby’s, the brainchild of the Raffle Brothers (get it? RB’s, or Arby’s),  originated in Youngstown, Ohio.




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New House

Ed and I have finally found a house that he wants to purchase.  He signed the papers and put a down payment on it a few days ago.  I am thrilled!

The house needs a LOT of work. We had a home inspection done, and thankfully, the owner is willing to pay for most of the repairs.  The ones he was unwilling to pay for are inconsequential, like a new kitchen floor. I would have wanted to choose the tile, etc so we’re paying for that.

I will be going to the house tomorrow to take ‘before’ pictures of the interior and will post them here.  But below is the front of our new home.

new house

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Life Quotes

  • “If a child can not learn the way we teach, we must teach the way they learn” ~ O. Ivar Lovaas