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Aunty Acid

I’m sure you can tell by now that I really like these Aunty Acid cartoons.  So much so, that I’ve created a category just for my posts of her stuff. ha.   I like her mainly because she’s sarcastic, funny, down to earth, and looks at life realistically, but with humor.

So get your taste of Aunty Acid both here, and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/auntyacid


It’s That Time!

The month of April is National Autism Awareness Month.
April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day, recognized and commemorated all over the world.

Please join me this April to commemorate, recognize, and celebrate the uniqueness and beauty that is every single person with Autism.

Every business, every individual, every school, can “Go Blue” for Autism Awareness.
Ask me how – pgurney9@neo.rr.com


Peggy design - 2


Go Blue - 2


Feel free to use these images on your website.

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