Under The Influence

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No love

I am exhausted.

I took LadyBug (my Shepherd/Lab mix) out for an intended ‘short’ walk, and ended up walking over a mile in our new neighborhood. We met a few of our new neighbors, enjoyed a beautiful sunset, made it to the center of our rather large neighborhood where our triangle island sits with our neighborhood sign on it (pic below). 

This is the furthest I’ve walked in years and I am pretty pleased with myself.
I’m definitely not feeling the love from LadyBug though.
I can’t imagine why.  :roll:




Well this is pretty cool. I was practically ‘given’ a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 yesterday.
I really didn’t think I was going to like it because it’s a 7″, and I’m used to my
iPad2. But, the more I’ve fiddled around with it, and added a couple of apps, the
more I like it.

I especially like this one app that gives me a devotional every day. It’s great to
wake up to the Word of God and a few minutes of prayer and praise time before
heading out to my day.

I also have a calendar for appointments, alarms, online banking, a couple of games,
and more.

Pretty cool. :)

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